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About Benjamin Ring

When he embarked on a career three decades ago, Benjamin Ring started off in the electrician industry as a contractor for industrial and commercial clients. After learning the fundamentals of electrical work from his father, Benjamin Ring became successful as an independent electrician. He then saw a billboard advertising the County Sheriff's Department and decided to change direction in his professional endeavors. He now serves the California community as a Deputy for the County Sheriff's Department. 

Some of Benjamin Ring's duties as a Deputy include exercising authority over the defendants and ensuring their safety; he also maintains the security of the court community. He possesses additional responsibilities, like assisting judges, as well as aiding individuals who visit the courts. As it is his belief that every individual is innocent until proven guilty, Benjamin Ring participates in his role as a deputy as a defender of justice for all. 

In deciding to work with the Sheriff's Department, Benjamin Ring was drawn to the idea of contributing more to society. Law enforcement, in addition to his involvement with several other local service efforts, gave him the opportunity to give back to his community. When Hurricane Katrina hit the United States with a force that made it one of the worst natural disasters ever in the country, Benjamin Ring contributed to the cleanup efforts. He regularly takes part in beach and neighborhood cleanups, as well. A former Fire Explorer in Florida, he also supports law enforcement and fire department endeavors all over the country. 

In his spare time, Benjamin Ring enjoys activities such as boxing, visiting Stoney Point and Malibu Creek for rock climbing, and playing basketball.

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